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We bring you the very best recipes, including ones unique to our site, as well as Minecraft cakes inspiration and Minecraft themed party ideas.


Our Minecraft Cake recipes

We’ve got a great range of Minecraft cake recipes that you can use- including our famous No-Bake Minecraft Grass Block Cake Treats. We keep our Minecraft cake recipes simple, using easy to follow instructions and full ingredient lists.
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minecraft cakes how to make a grass block cake

Minecraft Cake: Grass Block Treats

These simple Minecraft cakes taste great and best of all they take absolutely no cooking what so ever. The ingredient list is simple, you don’t need any special kit making them an amazing addition to any Minecraft themed party.

Minecraft Cake Recipe:  Grass Block Treats




Minecraft cake recipe -creeper cakeMinecraft Cake: Creeper Cake

Creepers are the exploding bad guys of the Minecraft world and every gamer has been caught out by one at some point so they are a familiar sight to anybody familiar with Minecraft. This cake is really simple to make and decorate and it keeps for 5 days giving you plenty of time to prepare ahead of your big party.

Minecraft Cake Recipe: Creeper Cake


Epic Minecraft Cakes

If you’re new to the world of Minecraft or just need to get your creative ideas flowing we’ve pulled together a list of 10 epic Minecraft Cakes that have been made for parties. Some of these take a serious amount of time, patience and skill but we’ve included our quick Minecraft cakes that look and taste great too.

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